Hello, I am Anna Smetanova and I am founder of Nature Reconnection.

Nature Reconnection:
– is your way to reconnect to your nature in the nature
– is carefully designed guided programme for individuals, peer-groups, and families 
– is bridging science, life care, art and self-development

The life is the most natural and precious gift we have. 
With the very first breath after getting born, and ever since than, – you, me, we are connecting our nature to the nature around us. 
I truly believe, that connection is the unique human experience with an amazing healing power – for individuals, groups, and the environment. 

My vita is bridging science, education, faciliation, life care and art.

Science and international cooperation:
I am PhD in in Geography, Geoecology and Geoscience, scientist, certified lecturer in higher and intercultural education, and certified communication leader for change management (gGHH Berlin). I research, educate, facilitate group processes and transfer knowledge regarding the sustainable human-environment interactions in landscapes. 

Since 2003 I have been involved in research and gathered experience from top European science and international organizations active in environmental issues. I have worked at universities and research institutions in France (INRA LISAH Montpellier), Belgium (KU Leuven), Germany (TU Berlin, U.Kiel, U.Mainz, U. Koblenz-Landau), Poland (U. Lublin, U.Poznan), and Comenius University in Bratislava. I have led, co-led and collaborated on many international research projects (e.g. R-Osmed/SciMed, SaWaM/GroW, COST Conneuteur), and done research in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and in different parts of Europe and the world (Maghreb, Sudan, Iran, Brazil).

My topic is interdisciplinary research on human impact on landscapes and processes in landscapes at different temporal scales (from minute to millenia, from the Neolithic, to present, and to adaptation to climate change) and spatial scales (from small plots to large watersheds), and research on landscape perception and trans-disciplinary communication.

Education, communication, facilitation: I am a certified teacher in higher education (BZHL) and intercultural education (Berlin Certificate for Teaching Internationally), and a certified communication leader for change management in schools, institutions and organizations (gGHH, Berlin). I am a graduate of the prestigious Professional leadership training for women in Science and Academia ProFiL and several trainings in which I have mastered leading groups using creative techniques (DragonDreaming, U-Theory, Design Thinking, Problem Oriented Learning, Flipped Classroom, etc.). I have also participated in trainings on the trans-disciplinary co-creation merging science and art within the Hybrid Platform and building start-ups (Falling Walls Foundation). Throughout my career in academia, I have conceptualized courses, given lectures, seminars and field exercises, and supervised the final theses of students at different levels of study. I have presented at over 60 conferences in 5 world languages, and organized international conferences, workshops. I was an active member of the program committee of the largest European Geoscience Conference (AG EGU). In addition to scientific publications, I write popular science monographs, policy papers, reports, project proposals, and I am an editor (LDD) and reviewer for peer-reviewed journals (Elsevier, Wiley, PLOS).

My current work at GWP involves the conceptualization, management and facilitation of participatory processes, the building of professional communities, and processes of scientific knowledge transfer. I create products for capacity building also outside academia (example), products for connecting art and science for raising awareness on environmental issues, products for transferring, up-scaling and multiplying solutions in global change adaptation processes.

I support citizen initiatives, schools, communities in Slovakia (OZ Žito v Sýpke, OZ Stopa Aktivity Kotrčina Lúčka) trough empowering creative process facilitation and experiential teaching related to the socio-environmental challanges of our time..

Life care:

For more than a decade I have been engaged in activities that can be summed up under the title of life care. For me, life care is an expression of the connection between the external world and our inner world (body, emotions, inner experience).
My first activities were in the field of physiotherapy, dynamics of walking, balanced nutrition. I have led individual fitness trainings for women. Since 2014, I have practiced Qi Gong and other forms of training in the Taoist tradition. I have worked with various teachers from whom I have learned different approaches in the work and techniques of Danse du Tao, energy work, Organ Qi Gong, Women’s Nei Gong, Iron Shirt Qi Gong. I have completed a comprehensive instructor training course, and am working as a certified Qi Gong instructor in the Wu Dang tradition, and a Nei Dan (internal alchemy) instructor. I am also a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nei Gong, and Tibetan Lojong.

I am certified Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Nei Dan instructor and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I train within the Wu Dang tradition and provide individual coaching for development of inner landscapes.


I’m an actress and conductor of Playback Theatre genre. Playback Theatre is an interactive form of improvisational theatre in which audience members tell their personal stories, which are performed on the spot by actors.
I am active in Storylane International Playback Theatre, Na po jen i – playback divadlo ČR , and the international BetterTogether project. I am a member of the International Playback Theatre Network and its Peer Group For Conductors “IPTN Flowers”. I am an actor and a conductor, and I give playback theatre workshops. In group improvisation, I explore how creative connection is born from the resonance between storyteller, actors and audience. I co-organised International Playback Festival of Solidarity PT Responds: Peace Please and I link playback to social and environmental change.

I combine these activities to create author courses, individual coaching, and tailored group processes that I offer at Nature Reconnection.

My work (What I offer)
I offer coaching, courses and workshops related to following topics: One Health Series, Adaptation, Transformation, Cycles, Connection. My approach is to create space, in which collective co-creative process leading to understanding and synergy-based innovation take place.
My working languages are English, German, Slovak, Polish, and I understand basic French.

One Health
Qi Gong – is a traditional chinese movement practice, which helps to reconnect the mind-body and spirit. I offer Baduajin (“Eight Pieces of Brocade”), and the Tai Yi Wu Xing Qi Gong (“Five Animal QI Gong”) courses – online and life in Bratislava, Slovakia. More info here.
I teach advanced practices of Qi Jing Ba Mai, Dantien Qi Gong, Silent Qi Gong, and Female Nei Gong in small groups and individually.

Teaching Tai Yi Wu Xing Qi Gong in Slovak nature. I love it!

Female Cycle Coaching – I offer individual coaching for females based in my research of the cycle from Chinese medicine and Daoist practice perspectives on individual and collective levels. Individual approach includes analysis, balancing of the cycle, and inner work, which enable health improvements (One Health), establishing inner Connection and Transformation. I work both on, and off-line. Courage to accept self is needed for participation.


Individual Coaching – is for individuals who has the courage to look behind the apparent world of thoughts, into the roots, and deep waters of consciousness. I accompany you on your inner journey using the traditional and modern methods (Nei Dan, Mindfulness, Rogers´approach). Experience with meditation practice is an advantage, the courage to review the mind concept is a precondition.

Group transformation – is a powerful experience. I support group processes related to topics of Adaptation, One Health, and Connection. I work with teams, families, and small peer groups. I am using multitude of approaches (lecturing, workshops, experiential learning, improvisation) to support co-creating of targeted solution in change management process. Transformation is long-term process, therefore are my workshop and activities supported with supervision and coaching.

Concept for rewarding
Activities in Nature Reconnection I do completely on dána basis.